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Welcome to Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio – Beauty Salon, Brighton

Industry leaders in results driven Beauty and Aesthetic treatments in Brighton, Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex

What sets us apart as THE place to visit for ALL your beauty needs?

Staff Knowledge and Training

Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio is a small Beauty Salon in Brighton.  It highly invests in its staff.  This means that we attend frequent training courses and also apply in house training.  This ensures that all our knowledge is of an extremely high standard. Our treatments and products are backed up by strong scientific evidence to provide real results.  We have many regular clients who visit the Studio from all over Brighton, Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex for our knowledge and expertise.

Revolutionary new treatments and products

Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio, Brighton  is constantly on the lookout for the next treatment revolution.   Innovative skin treatments such as Environ, the clinically proven skin care brand,  are fabulous solutions for today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? We truly believe we are the best at what we do!  Treatment program’s are tailor made for the client, with what we know works, along with budget constraints.  We know that everyone is an individual and requires treating as such.

Treatments for everybody

Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio, Brighton treatments are for everybody, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or age.  Under 16′s do require parental permission and a chaperone. Why not give yourself, a friend or your loved one a treat.

We love what we do!

The treatments that we offer often make such a big difference to people’s lives and confidence levels.  It’s not just about making someone look “pretty”, although that is part of it too, but it’s about providing results for clients with conditions that they feel that they have had to hide away with.  We love it when we get clients telling us what a difference our treatments have made to their lives and they don’t feel that they have to hide away any more!

Easy Parking and Good Bus Routes

Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio is away from the high street, so we offer a discreet service for those who are easily shied away from typical high street Beauty Salon.  We are situated in north Brighton, so are easily accessible for all of Brighton as well as Hove, and all of East Sussex and West Sussex.  Parking is plentiful and free on the road outside.  We are also easily accessible by the 26, 46 and 5B bus routes!

Pamper Parties

Having a hen night? Girls night in? Pamper party? Let us come to you and inject some girls night fun into the proceedings – and help you make yourselves beyoootiful!

Stay in the loop! Contact Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio to receive details of news, events and special seasonal offers throughout the year.

Please feel free to browse through the website where you will find lots of information on all the treatments that we can offer here at Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio, along with lots of genuine testimonials from our clients.

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